Love Your Frontline Worker Recipients

Team Nest Builder is proudly hosting a "Love Your Frontline Worker" on-line event to show some extra LOVE to our frontline workers this Valentines Day weekend.

With everything going on right now, we think that our local frontline workers deserve an hour or two of pampering at Nail Q right here in Sparta!  So we are giving away Gift Certificates for a FREE Manicure and Pedicure at Nail Q located in the Sparta Post Office Plaza to the FIRST 20 people nominated. 

Since it's Valentines Day, we are highlighting the our first 12 award recipients who were nominated by friends, family and co-workers.  All of these Frontline Heros live OR work in Sparta!  Here are their stories:

Nicole Regeleski - Nicole was nominated by 3 people, and is a 2020 Quinnipiac Nursing graduate. She graduated with her BSN and was on the frontlines of the Corona Virus from Day 1.  Nicole works a nurse at Chilton Hospital in the Emergency department.  She even skipped her own virtual graduation in May to work and care for the sick during the most intense time of the virus.  Nicole's mom says she works 12 hour shifts and never complains. She also called Nicole her hero.  Congratulations Nicole on your recent graduation, and please enjoy your FREE MANI-PEDI at Nail Q!

Kelly Anderson - Kelly Anderson was nominated by her husband Brett. On top of being a mom to 3 young kids, Kelly works at Morristown Medical Center counseling patients on new medications they will be using. Thank you, Kelly,for all you have been doing  Please enjoy your "time off", Kelly, while the staff at Nail Q takes care of you for a couple of hours! 

Nicole Weston - Nicole works on the frontlines of St Clare's Hospital in Denville. Her friend Diana says, "She is so compassionate and loving to others. Nicole loves her job, and has truly found her calling with it. She is soft and caring and beautiful inside and out." Thank you for all your compassionate care, Nicole!  Please enjoy the pampering you receive from our friends at Nail Q!

Kelly Bais - Kelly works at a specialty surgical center and has been working through the pandemic. Her friend, Maryann, said that while they were working together at a hospital in Bergen County, Kelly was a great person to lean on. "She was always there for me...listened to all of my complaints, my stories and when I came down with Covid, she made me Italian wedding soup.  Kelly was always willing to help anyone in need. She is a very special friend and co-worker."  Thank you Kelly, and please enjoy some much deserved time to yourself!

Sarah Fenner - Sarah spends her days selflessly caring for elderly clients, and making them as comfortable and happy as possible under the current extremely difficult circumstances.  She does all this with an extremely upbeat demeanor, despite the challenge of witnessing the hardships of her clients and their families during very depressing conditions within the nursing home environment. Thank you, Sarah, for your loving attention to our senior citizens! 

 Devon Esposito and Kerri Adams - Devon and Kerri are our Sparta High School nurses!  Both of them were nominated by some of their co-workers for their service and extra commitment to their Sparta students while working during the pandemic. During this time, they both see to it that students and staff alike are staying safe and healthy. We appreciate all you do for our community, Devon and Kerri. Thank you for your service!

Sonja Benson - Sonja Benson is a Special Education teacher at Helen Morgan School and a resident of Sparta. Her colleague, Matt, says, "Sonja is the most caring, compassionate, thorough, and collegial teacher I have ever worked alongside. Sonja has helped me immensely this school year in preparing lessons to teach virtual students. She is always able to see the bright side of all things and her overwhelming positivity shines in every action she takes."  Thank you for all you do for our Sparta students, Sonja!

Bobby Rupani and Alaina Guilliana -  Bobby is a local doctor and Alaina is a APN at the same practice.  Both were nominated by a patient who told us, "They worked many hours during the pandemic in hospitals doing surgery and wound care consults and getting home late every night.  They make every patient feel like tht are a part of their own family."  Bobby and Alaina, we thank you for EVERYTHING you do for your patients and the Sparta community!

Christine Tenzca - In addition to being a busy wife and mother during the day, "Chrissie", worked works nights taking care of women and their babies at Newton Memorial Hospital while taking care of her own family throughout the pandemic!  Thank you for everything you do for everyone, Chrissie!  Now its time for you to enjoy a little pampering!

Peggy Daly - Peggy was nominated by Mary Forman. Mary says, "Peggy works 12 hr shifts in the recovery room of Hackensack University Hospital. Lately, she has told me that it has been increasingly difficult to witness the amount of sickness and death that surrounds her--NOT only due to only Covid, but also to the her cancer patients--both young and old--who are struggling with their illness during this trying time.  Peggy cannot express in words how sad it is for them, and wants to carry some of their burden.  She is an amazing nurse, mother and wife and really could use a few hours for herself."  Peggy, thank you for all you are doing for your patients during this difficult time. Please enjoy your much deserved manicure and pedicure!

We have so many Frontline heros in our community. Team Nest Builder would like to thank every single one of them for everything the have do.  But there are 8 more Gift Certificates available. 

IF you know a Frontline worker who deserves a little LOVE this Valentine's Day, please visit and make your nomination before midnight on Monday, Feb. 15th!

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